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Maleficent Sticky Notes



Introducing Maleficent Dragon Sticky Notes - the perfect way to add a touch of magic to your everyday notes! These enchanting sticky notes feature Maleficent's fearsome dragon form in stunning detail, making them a must-have for fans of the Disney villainess.


Measuring 3x3 inches, these sticky notes are perfectly sized for jotting down quick reminders, to-do lists, or messages to your coworkers or loved ones. Each pad contains 50 sheets, ensuring you have plenty of space to keep your thoughts organized.


Whether you're a student, professional, or just a fan of all things Disney, Maleficent Dragon Sticky Notes are a fun and functional addition to your stationery collection. Stick them on your desk, in your planner, or anywhere you need a little bit of Maleficent's dark magic to help you stay on track. Order yours today and let Maleficent's dragon help you unleash your productivity!

Only 5 left in stock

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